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Monday, October 21, 2013


Yes of course I will be going in depth on this amazing game, from maps, texturepacks (resourcepacks), and mods.

Vanilla Minecraft:

Who can forget vanilla minecraft. It's basically minecraft without mods, so in other words it's minecraft how you get it straight from Mojang. There is so many things I love about it. It's the retro feel you get while playing vanilla style that I get my kicks out of.

So for anyone who is rather newbish to minecraft i am going to explain some things to you, so in other words the basics of minecraft and stuff you need to know if you want to play minecraft with a goal.


Now there are 6 (give or take) kinds of mods


Passive mobs are mobs that you can attack/hit and they wont hit back basically. Here are the passive mobs below.

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